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Bootstrap 3.0.3 released

Today we're shipping another patch release, v3.0.3, to fix a few dozen bugs and improve our documentation.

Download Bootstrap 3.0.3 or hit the GitHub repository

Key changes

There are a few dozen bug fixes and changes in this release, but we've called out the ones we think matter most:

See the list below for more information on those changes and more.

Specific bug fixes and changes

Docs changes

Be sure to run npm install if you're running grunt locally—we've updated our build process and have some new dependencies.

As always, get the details from the v3.0.3 milestone.

Up next

Next up is v3.1.0, the first new feature release for Bootstrap 3. Stay tuned for more information on what'll be in that release as we continue to plan out subsequent releases.


@mdo and team

Bootstrap 3.0.2 released

Today we're shipping a quick v3.0.2 patch to fix incorrect version numbers in our JavaScript files, restore missing grid classes, and make a few improvements to our documentation.

Download Bootstrap 3.0.2 or hit the GitHub repository

Key changes

Here's the rundown on what's changed:

As always, get the details from the v3.0.2 milestone.

Up next

This release was unplanned, and as such it bumps a lot of planned fixes to a v3.0.3 release. We've already updated the relevant issues to be under the new v3.0.3 milestone. Look for that release, and perhaps another patch, before v3.1.0 ships in the coming months.


@mdo and team

Bootstrap 3.0.1 released

Today we're shipping v3.0.1, a huge patch release with over 750 commits since v3 was released two months ago. We've outlined most of the changes below, including documentation updates, bug fixes, and even a few deprecations (our first in the history of the project).

Download Bootstrap 3.0.1 or hit the GitHub repository


Compared to previous releases, we're going into a bit more detail here with the docs and bug fixes. Expect more of this with future releases.


Bug fixes and changes


For even more details, see the 3.0.1 milestone.

Moving to MIT license

We've been looking to move to the MIT license for quite some time, and today's release takes us that much closer. Starting with v3.0.1, all new contributions to Bootstrap will be dual-licensed as Apache 2 and MIT. The intent is to move the entire project (including all prior contributions) to the MIT license in a future version (hopefully v3.1.0).

To make the change, every contributor to Bootstrap must consent to relicense their changes (since we have no CLA). We're making excellent progress on that front with the community's help and will address holdouts as they come up.

As a heads up, we've placed notices in the contributing guidelines and our project readme about the pending change and transition period.

It goes without saying that we don't need to do this, but we want to make Bootstrap available to all communities who cannot currently use it due to licensing conflicts. Theoretically these communities could change their licenses, but when you step back and objectively look at the situation, it's much easier for us to change. We hope you understand and stick it out with us as we make the move.

Growing the team

The Bootstrap core team doubled a few months ago when we added Chris and Julian to the project. They've helped manage issues, written some awesome code, and provided critical input in the direction of the project. As Bootstrap grows, so too must our core team, and we're once again actively seeking new team members.

It'll be a slow process, much like last time, but we need the help on several fronts to keep us shipping and iterating. In particular, we'll be keeping an eye out for folks with top notch CSS and JavaScript skills.

Up next

We're already tracking issues for a v3.0.2 release and its changes will be along the same lines as today's release—bugs and docs. v3.1.0 will likely ship after that sometime with a few new features. As always, no dates have been set yet for any future releases.


@mdo and team

Bootstrap 3 released

Today, on the two year anniversary of releasing Bootstrap to the world, we're shipping Bootstrap 3.0. It's been a crazy long ride to say the least and we're stoked to finally have this out in the wild. Thanks to everyone who's tested our RCs (er, betas), reported bugs, and contributed code. We couldn't have done it without you beautiful nerds.

What's new

For those who haven't been following along too closely, here's a recap of all the biggest changes shipping with Bootstrap 3:

For our pre-release testers and others who have been following along with the RCs, here's a list of some of the more prominent changes made since RC2:

The numbers game

For those keeping track, Bootstrap 3 took nearly nine months to design, develop, and ship. In that time we've had:

Beyond this release, numbers everywhere else are looking amazing. It's been staggering to watch these grow.

This was a massive undertaking and it couldn't have come out better. Thanks once again to all our contributors and the rest of the community for helping us make this a reality.

What about non-responsive sites?

With Bootstrap 3 we've gone deep on responsive and mobile first—it's built in and no longer requires a separate stylesheet. That's great for most folks, but not everyone needs or wants an adaptive web site or application. To help, we've added some documentation and an example that disables the adaptive or responsive features with some extra CSS.

Check out the Disabling responsiveness section or head right to the non-responsive example to learn more.

Bootstrap 2.3.2

While we're not actively maintaining or supporting 2.3.2, you can still get to the old documentation. Head to and you'll find everything right where you left it (including the old customizer). We'll leave this up and available for the foreseeable future.

As a side note, we apologize for all the redirect and 404 problems folks ran into during the last few weeks. This was our first time moving an entire repo on GitHub and we hit a huge snag with old builds of our docs and did our best to deal with those to not further confuse folks. We'll do better next time.

Coming up next

As always, we'll have one or two patch releases before hitting our next minor release. Beyond that, we have a few things we'd like to tackle for BS3.1 and are already tracking those as potential additions in #9397. If you'd like something considered for v3.1, check that list. If it's not there, open a new issue to discuss.

No dates have been set for any patch or minor release yet. As soon as we figure that out, we'll let you know.


Woo, all set? Then head to the docs and download yourself some Bootstrap 3!

Download Bootstrap 3 or hit the GitHub repository


@mdo, @fat, and team

Bootstrap 3 RC2

We've just cut a new release for Bootstrap 3, RC2. It's a big release as lots has changed, but that should all be for the better. Thanks everyone who's given feedback and submitted pull requests thus far—we're getting super close!

Key changes from RC1

Without listing all the minor changes (there have been over 500 commits since RC1!), here's a quick overview of the changes.

What's left?

RC2 takes care of nearly all our bugs that have been filed thus far, but we have a few more to address before our final release. Check the issues to see what's there already if you run into any problems. If you do find something, open a new issue with an example to reproduce it (jsbin or jsfiddle are awesome!) or submit a pull request.

Head on over to the docs to download and explore the new hotness in RC2.