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Bootstrap 5 Beta 1

@mdo December 07, 2020

With our first beta release of Bootstrap 5, we’re calling it on new features and breaking changes. From here on out, we’re only fine-tuning features, bugs, and documentation on our way to a stable v5 release. Woohoo!

Just like with the v4 development process, our docs for v5 have been temporarily hosted on a subdomain for the next major release. Starting today, those docs are being moved to the main domain and our old domain will redirect.

There are some really awesome new features—RTL!—that have been added in this release, and they’ve come with some important changes. Keep reading for the lowdown and let us know what you think!


Bootstrap RTL docs

Our biggest addition to the project in years, we’ve finally added RTL support to Bootstrap! Please join me in giving @ffoodd—one of our newest contributors and author of the RTL pull request—a massive thank you. The pull request includes nearly 50 references to existing issues and PRs that have tried to implement the feature into our core.

At a high level, our RTL approach includes a handful of changes:

Our approach is built on RTLCSS, an awesome project that helps reprocess an existing LTR stylesheet for RTL. We’ve classified it as an experimental feature for now, anticipating that we’ll get some of this wrong. We’re looking to the community to help us round out the feature as we wrap up some remaining todos.

This issue has some outstanding todos already planned for our team to address. See something else we can improve? Please consider opening an issue or pull request.

Read up on RTL in Bootstrap in our docs, including required HTML changes, a starter template, details on our approach, and more.

Renamed classes for logical properties

Part of our approach to adding RTL to Bootstrap was to add it in a way that felt future-friendly to ourselves and the web at large. As such, we’ve embraced the spirit of CSS logical properties and have renamed several classes and variables. It’s a risky change because of the size and impact of the change, but we hope you’ll appreciate it overall!

Most of you have already interacted with logical properties thanks to our flex utilities—they replace direction properties like left and right in favor start and end. Things like align-items-end have been welcomed additions. This makes horizontal directional class names appropriate for LTR and RTL without any additional overhead moving forward.

For example, in a LTR context, instead of .ml-3 for margin-left, use .ms-3. Be sure to read the RTL Migration guide for a full list of renamed classes and variables.

Popper.js v2


We’ve upgraded Popper.js from v1.x to v2.x, bringing with it some small breaking changes to our tooltips and popovers. These two changes are why we haven’t been able to update to v2.x sooner.

  • Removed offset option from our Tooltip/Popover and Dropdown plugins; this can still be achieved using the popperConfig parameter.
  • The fallbackPlacement option has become fallbackPlacements.

Popper.js v2 also comes with a smaller file size for our primary dependency, updated positioning calculations, and much more. Beyond that, our tooltips and popovers are unchanged and just as powerful.

Namespaced data attributes

We’ve renamed all our data attributes to include bs as an infix, thereby namespacing all the HTML attributes that enable JavaScript behaviors from our plugins. See #31827 for details. It helps keep Bootstrap-required JavaScript triggers clearly identified throughout your projects.

Making this change is a tad annoying, but easy enough to remedy with a find and replace. The new attributes work just like the old ones, just a little more specific. For example, here’s a dropdown button and menu with the newly renamed data-bs-toggle attribute.

<div class="dropdown">
  <button class="btn btn-secondary dropdown-toggle" type="button" id="dropdownMenuButton" data-bs-toggle="dropdown" aria-expanded="false">
    Dropdown button
  <ul class="dropdown-menu" aria-labelledby="dropdownMenuButton">
    <li><a class="dropdown-item" href="#">Action</a></li>
    <li><a class="dropdown-item" href="#">Another action</a></li>
    <li><a class="dropdown-item" href="#">Something else here</a></li>

New toast positioning


After dabbling in some JavaScript solutions to positioning toasts, we’ve landed on a new CSS-only approach thanks to our new positioning utilities. This comes with some minor breaking changes—namely some changes to exact CSS properties and how we toggle visibility of the toasts—but largely keeps them intact.

Our docs have been updated to include a new position preview picker, too, so you can see them in action. See the pull request for more details.

JS enhancements

Beyond the namespacing, we’ve been chipping away at a few other JavaScript improvements and bug fixes. Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

  • Created a new base component to share logic across our components. See #29370.
  • Migrate to more modern APIs across our plugins. See #32095.
  • Tooltips and popovers can now have custom classes. See #32217.
  • Don’t hide modal when config.keyboard is false. See #32179.

More JavaScript updates are coming soon, from performance and file-size improvements to new features.

States in the utilities API

One of the biggest new features of Bootstrap 5 is our utilities API, an extensible way to customize, add, or remove Bootstrap utilities. We’ve been iterating along the way and our newest improvement is the ability to add pseudo-class variants with the state option.

Use the state option to generate pseudo-class variations. Example pseudo-classes are :hover and :focus. When a list of states are provided, classnames are created for that pseudo-class. For example, to change opacity on hover, add state: hover and you’ll get .opacity-hover:hover in your compiled CSS.

Need multiple pseudo-classes? Use a space-separated list: state: hover focus.

$utilities: (
  "opacity": (
    property: opacity,
    class: opacity,
    state: hover,
    values: (
      0: 0,
      25: .25,
      50: .5,
      75: .75,
      100: 1,

Which outputs to:

.opacity-0-hover:hover { opacity: 0; }
.opacity-25-hover:hover { opacity: .25; }
.opacity-50-hover:hover { opacity: .5; }
.opacity-75-hover:hover { opacity: .75; }
.opacity-100-hover:hover { opacity: 1; }

See #31643 for more context on the change.

And more…

Elsewhere we’ve made a handful of other breaking changes and improvements. The most notable updates include:

  • Breaking: Renamed scale-color() function to shift-color() . See #32149.

  • Breaking: Simplified the make-container() mixin and $container-padding-x. See #31735.

  • Fixed: Corners remain rounded now in vertical button groups. See #31303.

  • Fixed: Removed default linear gradient on some table rows that caused undesirable performance. Still more work to do here FYI. See #32277.

  • Updated: Breadcrumbs now have a simplified appearance. Use utilities to restore the padding, background-color, and border-radius as desired. See #32249.

  • Updated: Finalized browserslist configuration to match our supported browsers. See #30986.

For a more complete list of of changes, checkout the v5 Beta project board or list of issues and PRs in this release.

Get started

Head to to explore the new release. We’ve also published this updated as a pre-release to npm, so if you’re feeling bold or are curious about what’s new, you can pull the latest in that way.

npm i bootstrap@next

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Bootstrap 5 Alpha 3

@mdo November 11, 2020

Our third alpha release has landed with tons of updates to our components, utilities, docs, forms, JavaScript, and more. This is a larger alpha release for us and sets us up for our first beta where we’ll introduce some final breaking changes and features.

We’re trying to move fast and keep the future of the project and the web in general in mind, so this release is an important milestone for us. We’re balancing practical migration from v4 with meaningful changes that reflect the ever-changing front-end community.

We think you’ll love this release, so keep on reading and let us know what you think!


We’ve improved a handful of components in this release, and even dropped one for some new and improved utilities.

New accordion

We’ve dropped the .card based accordion for a brand new .accordion component, solving several bugs in the process. Our new accordion still uses the Collapse JavaScript plugin, but with custom HTML and CSS to support it, it’s better and easier than ever to use.

New Bootstrap accordion

The new accordion includes Bootstrap Icons as chevron icons indicating state and click-ability. We’ve included support for a flush accordion (add .accordion-flush) to remove the outer borders, allowing for easier placement inside parent elements.

See the PR for extra details on what’s new, or visit the new docs page.

New block buttons

New block buttons

Block buttons are no more in v5—we’ve dropped the .btn-block class for .d-grid and .gap-* utilities. This allows for the same behavior and style, but with much greater control over spacing, alignment, and even responsive layout options.

See the buttons docs page for details.

Docs improvements

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our documentation, and this release is no different. We have a ton of changes big and small.

Docs search

We’ve added a keyboard shortcut to focus you on the search field. Hit Ctrl + / to trigger it.

We’ve also rewritten the docs sidebar to use actual <button> elements instead of anchors, and improved the focus styling.

Content-wise, we’ve renamed the “Navs” page to “Navs & Tabs” to help folks find our tab JavaScript features better. We’ve also made some style changes, improving the focus styles of heading anchor links and removing text wrapping from code snippets for shorter and easier to read code.


Three important and helpful changes to our Sass source code:

  • We’ve switched to Dart Sass with LibSass being deprecated. We’ve been testing our builds with Dart Sass for a while and decided to make the switch with LibSass being deprecated just a couple of weeks ago. We’re holding on the Sass modules for now.

  • The color system which worked with color-level() and $theme-color-interval was removed in favor of a new color system. All lighten() and darken() functions in our codebase are replaced by tint-color() and shade-color(). These functions will mix the color with either white or black instead of changing its lightness by a fixed amount. The scale-color() will either tint or shade a color depending on whether its weight parameter is positive or negative. See #30622 for more details.

  • We’ve added a Sass variable for CSS custom property prefixes.


Ahead of some larger and necessary JavaScript changes in Beta 1, we’ve shipped a few updates to our plugins.

  • Simplified dropdown’s placement
  • Removed redundant polyfills since we dropped IE and Legacy Edge
  • Fixed the carousel data-interval bug by checking for data-interval on the first slide
  • Removed Manipulator.toggleClass to simplify some code since we only used it one place


Utility classes are incredibly powerful in Bootstrap, especially with our new utilities API.

New utilities API docs

With our first beta, we’ve overhauled our API docs to provide clearer examples and information on adding, modifying, removing, and extending our default utilities.

In addition, we’ve added some new default utilities to make life a little easier:

  • Added .d-grid for display: grid
  • Added .fs utilities for font-size
  • Renamed font-weight utilities to .fw
  • Added .rounded-1, .rounded-2, and .rounded-3 for new small, medium, and large border-radius utilities
  • Added .overflow-visible and .overflow-scroll utilities

Our next release will also add another powerful feature to our utilities, pseudo-class support!


Forms have some exciting changes thanks to the addition of floating labels as a fully-fledged form layout option and a new file input.

Floating labels

New floating labels

Floating labels include support for textual inputs, selects, and textareas. We have one limitation with textareas where multiple lines of text can be obscured by the floating label. We’re working on fixes for this, so if you have ideas, please let us know!

New file input

New file input

We’ve dropped our custom .form-file class for additional styles on the .form-control class. This means we no longer require additional JavaScript to make our file input styles functional—the new form file is all CSS!

Input group rounded corners

Beyond that, we’ve finally resolved ourselves to adding a new class to fix the rounded corners on input groups when using validation. Add the .has-feedback class to the .input-group to enable validation messages inside input groups without any visual regressions. The good news is this is also being backported to v4 in our next release.

And more

In addition, we’ve made a few other form-related improvements:

  • Removed explicit height from most of our form controls.
  • Fixed the disabled checkbox toggle buttons
  • Added docs examples for disabled .form-control, .form-select, and .form-range elements

Have some form feature requests or improvements we should consider? Please open an issue!

Quality of life

Lastly, across the board we’ve made some minor updates to browser support, Reboot styling, components, and more

  • Moved our preferred CDN from BootstrapCDN to jsDelivr
  • Dropped support for Legacy Edge (woohoo!)
  • Updated to Node.js 14 and PostCSS 8.x
  • Removed obsolete prefixes in our CSS
  • Added cursor: pointer and heights to color inputs
  • Removed background-clip on .btn-close so the background-image is no longer clipped
  • Improved sans-serif font selection in Ubuntu
  • Spinners now slow down when reduced motion is enabled rather than stopping outright
  • Fix inconsistent whitespace in breadcrumbs

See all the changes in the v5 Alpha 3 project board and v5 alpha 3 release changelog. Be sure to read the Migration guide for details on what’s changed since Alpha 2.

Coming in Beta 1

Beta 1 will be a more narrowly focused release and we’re hoping to ship these final breaking changes as part of it.

  • RTL! RTL is still coming! The PR is being reviewed by our team would like it to land in Beta 1 to ensure we can get some testing from the community.

  • Updating to Popper.js v2. Still on our radar, but moving slower than we anticipated due to some of the differences in the major release. See the PR for details.

  • Namespaced data attributes to help keep our functionality clearly separated from your own. See the PR.

  • Updated utilities API with pseudo-classes support via a state option. Add any space-separated list of states to get additional utilities for that pseudo-class. See the work-in-progress PR for details.

For a more up to date list of changes, be sure to follow along with the v5 Beta project board.

Get started

Head to to explore the new release. We’ve also published this updated as a pre-release to npm, so if you’re feeling bold or are curious about what’s new, you can pull the latest in that way.

npm i bootstrap@next

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Bootstrap Icons v1.1.0

@mdo October 28, 2020

Our first minor release for Bootstrap Icons is here, with over 30 new icons and a few bug fixes. New icons include fill variations for our emoji icons, including a few new emojis, and several new file type icons.

30+ new icons

Here’s a look at our file and emoji icons as of v1.1.0. New in this release for emojis are the wink and heart eyes, along with fill versions for the full set. In addition, we’ve added icons for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a general bar chart file type.

Emoji icons

File and folder icons


Here’s a more complete look at what’s changed in this release.

  • Fixed #415: Properly name grip-horizontal and grip-vertical
  • Fixed #423: Update arrow-up-square-fill
  • Fixed #437: Make file-earmark variations consistent
  • New: Added 18 filetype icons #465
  • New: Added 13 emoji icons #66


To get started, install via npm:

npm i bootstrap-icons

You can also download the release from GitHub, or download just the SVGs (without the rest of the repository files).


For the Figma users out there, you can also snag the icons from Figma.

Bootstrap 4.5.3

@mdo October 13, 2020

We’ve updated Bootstrap 4 with a new patch release to fix some bugs, backport some iterative changes from v5, and more. Enjoy!

As you may already know, we’re alternating between v4 and v5 releases to keep both versions moving in tandem. This helps us close the gap between v4 and v5 and make updating to v5 as easy as possible.

Read on for the highlighted changes.


Also available in the v4.5.3 release on GitHub.


  • #31653: Add a comment to our escape-svg function to note that data URIs must be quoted.
  • #31693: Use the custom-control shadow variable instead of the generic input-focus-box-shadow.
  • #31793: Backport some v5 changes (improved th styling in Reboot, custom form field styling when printing, and improvements to .text-break).
    • #29714: Keep custom check, radio, and switch theme when printing.
    • #30781: Reboot’s th updates: Inherit font-weight: bold that comes from user agent stylesheets.
    • #30932: .text-break changes to drop overflow-wrap and use word-wrap once again
    • #31754: Improve versions page rendering (also reversed the order while I was here)
  • #31846: Backports the z-index change to .close buttons in dismissible .alerts.


  • #31000: Avoid multiple change event trigger in buttons plugin. Not applicable to v5 since our button JS plugin has been mostly replaced with pure CSS.
  • #31673: Fix dropdown variable always evaluating to true.
  • #31696: Ensure can be prevented.
  • #31718: Backports new $dropdown-padding-x variable from v5.


  • #30811: Mention GPU acceleration fix in docs callout for popovers. Doesn’t apply to v5 since we’re updating to Popper v2.
  • #30838: Explain the dispose method more appropriately.
  • #31706: Backports updated margins for code snippets for improved readability.
  • #31769: Backports JS bundle guidance from v5.
  • #31851: Backports mention of missing to and nextwhenvisible methods.


  • #31297: Switch to xo ESLint config
  • Updated devDependencies versions

Next up

We’ll be back to v5 with our third alpha release coming in a couple of weeks. After that, we’ll ship another v4 update with v4.6.0 that continues the v5 backports and feature development. Please keep the feedback coming on what we can improve, how our releases are performing, and any other suggestions.

Support the team

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Bootstrap 5 Alpha 2

@mdo September 29, 2020

We’re back at it again with a brand new alpha release of Bootstrap 5! Our second alpha has brought some new and improved features, color contrast improvements, improved helpers and utilities, and some documentation design updates.

Check out the latest in the docs at Read the release notes for a full list of changes since Alpha 1. Our migration guide has also been updated with a new section for Alpha 2.

Updated docs nav

We’ve cleaned up the navigation in our docs to make things a little easier to use while on a mobile device or a narrow viewport. We’ve redesigned the main navbar to hide links on small devices, and when expanded, those navigation links now have larger tap targets.

Updated Bootstrap nav home

Our subnav has also be streamlined to take up a single horizontal bad on mobile, giving more space for documentation. We’ve also differentiated the expanding and collapsing menu icons between the two navs.

Updated Bootstrap nav docs

Together this should make it a little faster and easier to navigate our docs, and serve as a fun little demo for others.

Add .carousel-dark to any .carousel to switch from the default white text, controls, and indicators to black.

Example dark carousel

Values are configurable via Sass variables. To save on filesize, we’re using a CSS filter to invert out SVGs for the carouse controls. Pretty neat if you ask us!

Dark dropdowns

For the first time since Bootstrap v1 nearly nine years ago, we have dark dropdown menus! Add .dropdown-menu-dark to any dropdown menu to change the appearance. Dark dropdowns are opt-in, so you’ll need to add the class as you go.

Example dark dropdowns

We’d like to revisit some of this later in v5 with minor releases that advance dark mode throughout the entire project. Until then, enjoy the new classes!

Redesigned close button

Our close button has been renamed, redesigned, new focus state, and a new color option.

Example close button

We’ve renamed the class from the rather generic .close to .btn-close. In addition, we’ve dropped the use of &times; in our HTML for an SVG background-image via CSS. With updated styling all around, the close button has a clearer focus state and even an all-new white variant (also powered by a CSS filter).

Position utilities

Thanks to our contributors, we’ve added new directional positioning utilities. Quickly position an element with our new top, right, bottom, and left utilities with support for 0, 50%, and 100% by default.

Example position utilities

Combine with new translate utilities to center elements on an edge or corner, too! The new utilities are configurable and extensible thanks to the utilities API and some smart Sass map defaults.

More highlights

Some other incremental changes to a few components and changes include:

  • Container horizontal padding has been updated to match the row gutters variables and values.
  • Checkboxes and radios downsized to 1em from 1.25em for improved font scaling support.
  • Improved colors with green and cyan getting new values, plus higher contrast ratios all around.
  • Improved toast styling, now without overflow: hidden.
  • Badge padding increased a smidge.
  • Revamped “responsive embed” helpers, now called ratio helpers. New class names across the board, more flexible styles, and a new CSS variable for custom dynamic and responsive ratios.
  • Screen reader classes are now “visually hidden” classes.
  • New .border-width utility.

See all the changes in the v5 Alpha 2 project board and be sure to read the Migration guide for details on what’s changed since Alpha 1.

Coming in Alpha 3

We’ve pushed some additional breaking changes and important component updates to Alpha 3. To give you a heads up, here are some important upcoming moves:

  • Offcanvas support is coming thanks to new side modals!
  • We’re revamping the input group component, dropping support for quite a few variations. It’s too complex, supports too many variations, and has had the most annoying border-radius bug through all of v4. (I’m so sorry about that!)
  • We’re upgrading floating labels from a docs Example into a fully fledge form layout option, with support for textual inputs, selects, and textareas.
  • We’re adding font-size utilities and updating our font-weight utilities.
  • RTL is still coming! The PR is being reviewed by our team and we’re hoping to land it in Alpha 3 so we can get some folks testing with it.

For a more up to date list of changes, be sure to follow along with the v5 Alpha 3 project board. More docs improvements are planned with the potential for more breaking changes as well. From there it’s onto final breaking changes in Beta 3.

Release expectations

We’ll be alternating releases across v4 and v5 to keep the momentum up. We’re shipping v4.5.3 next and then moving right back to v5 for Alpha 3. We’ve noted our intended release schedule in our release repo. We’ll also keep updating that repo’s readme as we go.

Get started

Head to to explore the new release. We’ve also published this updated as a pre-release to npm, so if you’re feeling bold or are curious about what’s new, you can pull the latest in that way.

npm i bootstrap@next

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