Coming up in Bootstrap

@mdo March 22, 2012

We’ve been mum on the next few releases for Bootstrap the last couple weeks, and with good reason: both Jacob and I have been super busy at work and we’re uncertain of what features to add next. That said, we know we have some bugs and docs fixes to make and know we can slip in a few small features if time allows. I’ve updated the roadmap to reflect the last two releases and a general outline for the next two.

But, what’s next?


To start, we’ll take a good hard look at the docs and current components to get a strong base and iron out additional bugs we introduced in 2.0.2. This release will not include any new features at all. Key bugs to fix include the static navbar regression and tabbed content alignment, but you can see a more thorough list on the 2.0.3 milestone.


After 2.0.3, we have a small feature and (as required) bugfix release to push out. So far, the only features we’re planning on adding include an official addition of the subnav, Growl-style notifications, and an OOCSS-style media component. The first two are some of oldest feature requests, and honestly are fairly easy to add and document compared to some of the other requests.

We haven’t slated anything else because of other time commitments, but we’re open to hearing your feedback if you have top requests. Feel free to weigh in on Twitter or on GitHub.


We don’t have specific dates in mind, but we know we want 2.0.3 out by the end of the month to address those key bugs. 2.1 will follow, but not for at least a month or two after 2.0.3.