Bootstrap's first intercontinental release

@mdo April 14, 2012

As you may have heard, Jacob and I are heading to London in a week to talk Bootstrap—and we’re pretty stoked about it! The event is already sold out, but we’ll be there for a few days to be sure to chat and hang with folks in the area.

As part of our visit and talk, we’ll be releasing Bootstrap 2.0.3 on April 24 from London, our first intercontinental release. It’s been a long time coming, and we know lots of you have been anxiously awaiting its arrival, but we want to do this release the best we can. In addition to the release itself, the rest of our talk will focus on the future of Bootstrap. We’re not exactly sure what that will be yet, but the 2.1 milestone on GitHub might give away some of it.

Stay tuned for more info and feel free to hit us up on Twitter for questions, opportunities to meet up, and more.