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Help test Bootstrap 2.0.3

Our next release, 2.0.3, is almost ready to rock, but we need your help to get the finish line in the best shape possible. Similar to what we did for the big 2.0 launch, we’re asking for the community’s help in testing out the release’s work-in-progress branch. We have a ton of bug fixes—another 80 or so since 2.0.2—and want to have the highest quality release we can.


Good question. 2.0.2 introduced some bad bugs in component behavior, publicized outdated documentation, and introduced some ugly regressions. That sucks, and when those things happen, we get held up tracking them down because we missed something in our haste to get a release out the door. We want to focus all our efforts on the 2.1 release after 2.0.3, and to do that we need to get as bug free as we can with this one.

We’ll leave 2.0.3-wip open for widespread testing all this week (April 16-20) and then push a release while Jacob and I are in London on April 24. That should give folks, including us, enough time to test the waters and report any back on any issues.


Just like last time, we’re pushing out a release candidate of the 2.0.3 code and docs. Here’s how you can help us out:

We’re only human, and we’re bound to make a few mistakes in our code as Bootstrap continues to grow. Thanks in advance for all your help and support—it’s appreciated more than you know.