New release strategy

@mdo April 30, 2012

After three large point releases focusing on massive amounts of bugfixes and documentation changes, we’re going to change up our release strategy to push out smaller, more frequent updates.


Releases with a hundred bugfixes are difficult to test, take much longer to ship, make changelogs super long and verbose, and have a tendency to introduce additional unforeseen bugs. In hindsight, our 2.0.3 release should have been a 2.1 given its sheer scope and the time it took to ship. Going forward, we’ll try to improve the frequency of the patches to get you better code faster.

So what’s next?

At the Twitter UK Open House in London last week, we said 2.1 was our next priority. While that’s still true, we’re backing up and rethinking it’s scope. Bootstrap 2.1 may end up much narrower in focus to help us ship it earlier. We’ll still tackle all the same issues and new features we originally planned for, but across more releases. In addition, 2.1 might not be our very next release as some of those unforeseen bugs have already cropped up.


To keep up with the community and improve code quality, we’ll be shipping more releases more frequently.

Questions? Mention us on Twitter.