Help test Bootstrap 2.1

@mdo August 13, 2012

We’re stoked to release Bootstrap 2.1 next week Monday at our first birthday party, but to make it a great release, we need your help testing it out.

While 2.0.4 was a smaller release, 2.1 is a much larger effort that closes nearly 100 issues and adds a handful of great features. You can see the full list of changes changes in 2.1 thus far by browsing the milestone on GitHub.

What’s included

At a broad level, we’ve got overhauled docs. They’re drastically streamlined, redesigned, and better than ever. They even include a new page for getting started with an overview of the framework. New framework features include submenu support on dropdowns, block level buttons, and the affix plugin. We’ve made many other key changes, so be sure to check it out.

We’ll have a more complete list of changes with our release next week.

How to help

Just like last time, we’re pushing out a release candidate of the 2.1 code and docs. Here’s how you can help us out:

  • Checkout the 2.1.0-wip branch, or browse the release candidate docs so you can easily load it up on devices and such for testing.
  • Load up the new docs in your favorite, or your least favorite, browser or device and start testing.
  • Open a new issue on GitHub to report bugs. Please include as much context and information as possible. If it’s a visual bug, please include a screenshot. If it pertains to JavaScript, consider including a jsfiddle or jsbin.

If you’re submitting a pull request against 2.1-wip, be sure to read the Contributing to Bootstrap wiki page first.