@mdo September 29, 2012

Working at Twitter the last two and a half years has been incredible. Both Jacob and I have worked with a lot of amazing people on some pretty amazing projects, but nothing has been more enjoyable or rewarding than working on Bootstrap. Despite us leaving Twitter to go our separate ways, we’ll both be continuing our work on the project.

Bootstrap will remain a Twitter project on GitHub for the time being, but we’ve realized the project has grown beyond us and the Twitter brand. It’s a huge project playing a pretty awesome role in the web development industry, and we’re excited to see it continue to grow. To that end, we’ve begun working to move Bootstrap into its own open source organization. It will take time, but we’re dedicated to making it happen.

In the coming weeks, we’ll release another bugfix update (2.1.2) to address a few things, and then it’s full steam ahead on improving some key areas of the framework (modals, carousels, customizer, etc). We’ll share more info on those updates as plans take shape.

Until then, we have nothing but love for Twitter and the web development community. Thank you all so much for everything.