Introducing Rorschach

@cvrebert October 13, 2014

Bootstrap receives tons of awesome pull requests every week. Many of them come from folks new to contributing to the project. As such, there are a few beginner mistakes we’ve noticed over time.

So, we made Rorschach, a bot that runs a few quick checks on every new pull request.

Rorschach automatically gives instant feedback on Bootstrap pull requests that suffer from one of several simple mistakes, thus decreasing turnaround time on fixing the pull request. The bot refers the contributor to new documentation we’ve written to explain each of the mistakes in detail, along with how to correct them, thus decreasing friction for contributors.

Previously, these mistakes were checked for manually, which meant there was often a delay before the mistake was noticed and that pull request reviewers had to manually explain the mistake to the contributor each time. With Rorschach, everyone should have a smoother experience working on Bootstrap.

Happy pull requesting!