Introducing No Carrier

@cvrebert August 04, 2015

Say hello to our newest bot, No Carrier. Inspired by the classic modem disconnection error message of yesteryear, No Carrier helps us track issues that appear to have been abandoned by the original poster. Issues that go without a reply to our questions for two weeks are closed with a friendly explanation by No Carrier.

To date, we’ve handled abandoned issues just like any other issues—with ad-hoc reviews. We felt that could be improved, so we made a bot to automate the process. No Carrier appears on our issue tracker as @twbs-closer and will monitor issues we tag with awaiting-reply. Should no one reply within two weeks, @twbs-closer will post a final comment explaining the situation and our policy, and then automatically close the issue. If someone later replies after the cutoff, a member of our team will happily reopen the issue manually and continue pursuing it.

No Carrier is available for any GitHub project, not just Bootstrap. If you have a project on GitHub that might benefit from this automation, we invite you to try out No Carrier. For more details, usage instructions, and feedback, check out the No Carrier project on GitHub. You can download the assembly JAR from the “Downloads” section of the v1.0.0 release page.