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Bootstrap 2.0.3 released

Today we’re releasing Bootstrap 2.0.3, another bugfix release that aims to squash as many regressions and documentation inaccuracies as possible. There are almost 100 closed issues in the 2.0.3 milestone on GitHub, but below is a comprehensive list of the most important fixes with clear explanations of what’s changed.


In the spirit of always improving the LESS functionality and build tools, we’ve updated our makefile to utilize JSHint and Recess, linters for JavaScript and CSS. To continue to run make via Terminal, do the following:

$ npm install -g recess jshint

We’ve also removed the file from the repository, so make runs much faster as it has no need to compress any files. For more info, see the updated readme.



Documentation and repo

We’re continually updating issues and tracking them for our next release in the 2.1 milestone, which will focus on adding a few new features and tackle the inevitable bugs and edge cases from this release.