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Bootstrap 2.2.0 released

Aww yeah, our first release since leaving Twitter is here with Bootstrap 2.2.0! We originally planned to release this as 2.1.2, but given the timing and scope we’re bumping the version. Included in this release are dozens of bug fixes, documentation enhancements, and a few new and improved features.


2.1.2 is now 2.2.0: four new example templates, added media component, new typographic scale, fixed that box-shadow mixin bug, fixed z-index issues, and more.


For the full list of issues included in this release, visit the 2.2.0 milestone on GitHub. Otherwise, be sure to visit the docs or download the latest to get your hands on 2.2.0.

Download Bootstrap 2.2.0 (latest master ZIP)

Next steps

As a quick side note, we’re still working on moving Bootstrap to its own organization on GitHub. That will come with a couple other big changes, but more on that soon. We’ll be jumping on the next release shortly for more bugfixes, but until then enjoy the fixes and new hotness!

Lastly, thanks everyone again for submitting issues and contributing—you rock!


@mdo and @fat