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Bootstrap 2.1.0 released

After a smaller 2.0.4 release, we’ve got another huge update that resolves tons of bugs, improves the flexibility and durability of our code, and introduces a few awesome new features. It’s a big release wrapped in a brand new set of docs and we couldn’t be more stoked to launch it.


New docs, affix plugin, submenus on dropdowns, block buttons, image styles, fluid grid offsets, new navbar, increased font-size and line-height, 120+ closed bugs, and more. Go get it.

Improved documentation

In addition to sporting a fresh visual style, the content of our docs has been overhauled once again. Good-bye long-winded marketing copy and multiple columns, hello succinct and directive single-column documentation. We’ve got a new tagline, new layout and navigation, and (more) clearer examples.

Key changes and new features

We had higher expectations for the number of new features in 2.1, but we toned it back to get this release out the door in a manageable form. We’ve still added some great new features and fixed tones of bugs, so here’s a brief overview of what’s new.

Thanks, nerds

Once again, we couldn’t have done this without all you nerds out there supporting us with your contributions, bugfixes, and feature requests. You keep this project going strong and we thank you deeply for your support.


For the full changelog, visit the GitHub wiki page and the 2.1.0 milestone. We’ve already begun slating things for 2.2, but currently have no estimates on when that will be released or what exactly will make it in. We also may do a 2.1.1, but again, no promises at this point. Live in the now!