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Bootstrap 2.3 released

It has been far too long, friends. Nearly three months has gone by since we pushed out a new version of Bootstrap, but fret not, for that void comes to a most excellent halt tonight. After numerous delays, including a bout with the flu, we’re happy to announce the release of Bootstrap 2.3.

Oh shit what

Bootstrap 2.3 includes some new features, as well as the standard bunch of bug fixes and docs improvements. Here are the highlights:

As always, you can see a more complete list of changes by viewing the 2.3.0 milestone or 2.3.0 pull request on GitHub. Most of the issues not mentioned above are minor CSS tweaks and documentation typos.

Download Bootstrap 2.3.0 (latest master ZIP)

A note on tooltips

When we released 2.2.2, we changed the insertion strategy for tooltips and popovers. Instead of appending to the <body> by default, they used insertAfter. This change fixed number z-index issues and ultimately makes controlling and styling tooltips much easier for folks.

Unfortunately, this also resulted in a few bugs, namely breaking input groups by interfering with adjacent CSS selectors. Instead of reverting the insertion method, we’ve added a new container option. If you run into a situation where insertAfter doesn’t work for you, go ahead and set that option to whatever element works best for you.

Bootstrap 3 update

As we’ve previously mentioned, v2.3 is our last planned release before moving onto v3 fulltime (pending any catastrophic fuckups). For the latest, follow the Bootstrap 3 pull request. Otherwise, here’s the lowdown:

And that’s just some of the highlights. Again, peep the pull request for the most up to date changes as we continue to chip away at this bad boy. Feel free to comment on that, or hit us up on Twitter, for feedback of any kind.


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