Bootstrap 2.3.1 released

@mdo March 01, 2013

While Bootstrap 2.3 was the last planned release ahead of 3.0, we’ve just pushed out a small patch to address a few lingering JavaScript bugs. Bootstrap 3 is still under development and is trucking along quite nicely. We’ll have more to share there soon.

Until then, here’s what’s new with 2.3.1:

  • Fix missing event type in dropdown plugin
  • Fix delegated data-attrs for popover/tooltip
  • Make carousel actually pause when you click cycle
  • Fix jshint ref in makefile
  • Fix trying to remove backdrop when no backdrop is set

Check out the 2.3.1 pull request for more details on the changes in this release.

Download Bootstrap 2.3.1 (latest master ZIP)

Side note: Aside from the fixes in this release, future bugs will only be addressed in 3.0, or punted entirely, as appropriate. This release just fixes a few things left broken that we didn’t feel comfortable ignoring for the next several weeks.