Bootstrap 3.0.2 released

@mdo November 06, 2013

Today we’re shipping a quick v3.0.2 patch to fix incorrect version numbers in our JavaScript files, restore missing grid classes, and make a few improvements to our documentation.

Download Bootstrap 3.0.2 or hit the GitHub repository

Key changes

Here’s the rundown on what’s changed:

  • #10039: Remove window.jQuery for jQuery.
  • #11273: Add branch alias for composer.json.
  • #11295: Restore offset, push, and pull zero classes (e.g., .col-md-offset-0)
  • #11315: Add navigation role to example navbars.
  • #11327: Improve nesting of .thumbnail styles.
  • #11334: Remove unnecessary & from CSS nesting for panels.
  • #11335: Add Grunt task to update version numbers across entire project. (Note: If you run our docs locally, you’ll need to run npm install in order to run grunt).
  • #11336: Don’t use nonstandard window.location.origin in Customizer.
  • #11345: Remove duplicate class changes in migration instructions.
  • #11349: Add screen reader text for navbar toggles.
  • #11378: Use .navbar-* alignment classes in .navbar-text example.
  • Update Node to v0.10.x (current stable)
  • Fix links to same-page anchors
  • Drop media type on basic template example
  • Correct download links in readme

As always, get the details from the v3.0.2 milestone.

Up next

This release was unplanned, and as such it bumps a lot of planned fixes to a v3.0.3 release. We’ve already updated the relevant issues to be under the new v3.0.3 milestone. Look for that release, and perhaps another patch, before v3.1.0 ships in the coming months.