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Bootstrap 3 RC2

We’ve just cut a new release for Bootstrap 3, RC2. It’s a big release as lots has changed, but that should all be for the better. Thanks everyone who’s given feedback and submitted pull requests thus far—we’re getting super close!

Key changes from RC1

Without listing all the minor changes (there have been over 500 commits since RC1!), here’s a quick overview of the changes.

What’s left?

RC2 takes care of nearly all our bugs that have been filed thus far, but we have a few more to address before our final release. Check the issues to see what’s there already if you run into any problems. If you do find something, open a new issue with an example to reproduce it (jsbin or jsfiddle are awesome!) or submit a pull request.

Head on over to the docs to download and explore the new hotness in RC2.