Bootstrap 3 RC1

@mdo July 27, 2013

Today we’re releasing the first of at least two release candidates for Bootstrap 3, and along with it a slew of updates to the project and community. Buckle up.

New organization

We’ve mentioned it a few times in previous updates, but today it’s Facebook Official: Bootstrap has moved to @twbs/bootstrap. Watchers, stars, and the like are all maintained in the move, as is all Git history. New digs, same code.

Docs for v3 and v2.3.2

With today’s release we’re pushing forward 100% on Bootstrap 3, meaning when you head to you’ll see the v3 RC1 documentation. Our intention is to make BS3’s testing and development as widespread as possible so we get the best final release possible.

Head on over to to check it out. If you’re running into any broken links on the downloads, give it a bit for the DNS to sort itself out.

We’re fully aware everyone cannot simply jump right into BS3 yet, so we’ve kept the docs for 2.3.2 around for easy access. You’ll find a prominent link to the old docs in all of BS3’s documentation. If you’re in need, head over to

What’s changed!?

With over ~1,600 commits, ~72,000 additions/deletions, and ~300 files changed, everything has changed. We’ve added features, removed features, and cleaned up a lot more. The v3 pull request on GitHub has all the details you’ll need for a complete list of changes and some helpful migration tips.

Onward to RC2

Bootstrap 3 RC1 is just the start, and we need your help to get to RC2. Download it and give it a go, and most importantly, tell us what you find. If something new is all funky or you found a bug, let us know by opening a new issue.