Bootstrap 3.0.3 released

@mdo December 05, 2013

Today we’re shipping another patch release, v3.0.3, to fix a few dozen bugs and improve our documentation.

Download Bootstrap 3.0.3 or hit the GitHub repository

Key changes

There are a few dozen bug fixes and changes in this release, but we’ve called out the ones we think matter most:

  • Padding of .navbar-collapse and alignment of .navbar-right:last-child elements has been reworked.
  • Added a max-width: 100%; to .containers.
  • Restored the twelfth column’s float: left; at all grid tiers.

See the list below for more information on those changes and more.

Specific bug fixes and changes

  • #9927: Update non-responsive example to prevent .navbar-collapse border from increasing height and increase specificity of nav selectors to keep dropdowns looking the same.
  • #10147: Remove outline from carousel controls on focus.
  • #10353: Tell Bower to ignore development and documentation files.
  • #10483, #10357: Make .container mixin-friendly by moving the width declarations within one class.
  • #10662: Enable individually linked images within thumbnails.
  • #10744: Use border-style: solid; on .carets to undo a previous Firefox fix that appears to no longer work.
  • #10936: Increase height of large inputs to fix Firefox inconsistencies by using ceil() instead of floor().
  • #10941: Fix Glyphicons path for those importing bootstrap.less from another directory.
  • #10979: Don’t use .img-thumbnail as a mixin for .thumbnail to avoid duplicate and unnecessary styles.
  • #11217: Fix vertical alignment of labels within buttons, just like badges in buttons.
  • #11268: Account for badges within buttons by matching background to text color and text color to background.
  • #11277: Drop the abbr element from the .initialism selector.
  • #11299: Support .h1 in jumbotrons.
  • #11351: Correct grid class reset on input groups by using attribute selector, not an old class from v3 betas.
  • #11357: Vertically center .btn-sm and .btn-xs variations of .navbar-btns in the navbar.
  • #11376: Don’t deselect radio buttons when double clicking.
  • #11387: Improve nesting on table classes to enable easier use of mixins.
  • #11388: Simplify contextual table styles mixin (also drops the border parameter since we longer apply that anyway).
  • #11390: Add max-width: 100%; to containers within jumbotrons to avoid horizontal scrollbar.
  • #11402: Set width: auto; on select.form-control within .form-inline.
  • #11414: Add .small support to blockquote citations.
  • #11425: Use margin instead of padding on .modal-dialog to click-thru to .modal-backdrop.
  • #11432: Corrected color contrast to WCAG 2.0 AA for @state- variables (applies to forms and labels).
  • #11444: Use @navbar-padding-vertical for nav links vertical padding.
  • #11449: Prefer Menlo over Monaco for monospaced fonts.
  • #11468: Prevent default gradient background-image on .navbar-toggle in Firefox for Android.
  • #11476: Remove unnecessary prefixed keyframe declarations for animated progress bars. Given our browser support requirements, we can drop the -moz- prefix as the last several versions don’t require it.
  • #11477: Use namespace events for dropdowns and carousel.
  • #11493: Ensure proper width of dropdown buttons within vertical button groups.
  • #11499: Switch from overflow-y: auto; to overflow-y: visible; to prevent vertical scrollbar in some navbar situations.
  • #11502: Add missing data namespace for dropdown plugin.
  • #11513: Float navbar-text elements only when screen width is above @grid-float-breakpoint.
  • #11515: Reorder the headings with body text and text emphasis classes.
  • #11516: Invert dropdown divider border in navbars.
  • #11530: Reworked padding on .navbar-collapse and negative margin for right-aligned navbar content to ensure proper alignment on the right side.
  • #11536: Add support for button dropdowns within justified button groups.
  • #11544: Add color: inherit; to .panel-title to ensure proper text color when customizing @headings-color.
  • #11551: Remove color from outline reset for improved outlines on focus.
  • #11553: Prevent double border on tables in panels without thead content.
  • #11598: Remove line breaks in minified CSS.
  • #11599: Explicitly call out font files in bower.json to avoid npm errors.
  • #11610: Add @grid-float-breakpoint-max to better link navbar behavior across viewports and improve customization when setting @grid-float-breakpoint.
  • #11614: Account for responsive tables within panels.
  • #11617: Include jspm package configuration in package.json.
  • #11623: Reset position to static for grid columns within tables to prevent borders from hiding in IE9, IE10, and Firefox.
  • #11648: Restore twelfth column’s float.
  • #11658: Increase min-height of .radio/.checkbox for horizontal forms to ensure alignment of content below.
  • #11693: Adds .table to responsive visibility mixin.
  • #11694: Remove unnecessary prefixes for gradient mixins given our stated browser support.
  • #11712: Better support for .table-responsive within .panel’s.
  • Removed browser default top margin from dls. Commit

Docs changes

Be sure to run npm install if you’re running grunt locally—we’ve updated our build process and have some new dependencies.

  • #9898: Improve scrollspy and affix plugin documentation.
  • #10716: Update “What’s included” docs section with info on full source code download directory structure.
  • #11303: Add link to the docs site in compiled assets, and remove personal usernames.
  • #11330: Add overflow-x: hidden; to body in offcanvas example to prevent horizontal scrolling.
  • #11369: Speed up jQuery and Twitter widgets on docs pages by using Google’s CDN for jQuery and the async snippet from the Twitter dev site for the widgets.
  • #11385: Warn about Webkit bug for justified nav example.
  • #11409: Add release checklist to contributing guidelines.
  • #11412: Add word-wrap: break-word; to docs Glyphicons class names to ensure proper wrapping in IE10-11.
  • #11434: Mention form validation class changes in migration docs.
  • #11534: Document that modal show() and hide() return before animation finishes.
  • #11634: Add warning to docs to not combine icon classes with other elements.
  • #11671: Updated third party asset libraries (for Customizer and Holder, our thumbnail utility).
  • #11701: Switch to Sauce Labs for our cross-browser JS unit testing needs.
  • Removed mention of Chrome from Webkit rendering bug for justified nav. Commit

As always, get the details from the v3.0.3 milestone.

Up next

Next up is v3.1.0, the first new feature release for Bootstrap 3. Stay tuned for more information on what’ll be in that release as we continue to plan out subsequent releases.