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Bootstrap 4 Beta 3

Welcome to the final beta of v4! It’s been over two months since we shipped our second beta and we’ve been busy making the last breaking changes before moving to our next stable release, v4.0.0! We have a few more breaking changes than we were planning, but fret not, we’ve detailed them all.

Beta 3 primarily focuses around our forms, but it also includes key fixes to tables, some global styles, our documentation, and some JavaScript bugs. Following this release, we’ll address a few issues and PRs before doing a stable v4 release a week or two into the New Year.

Let’s dive into all the highlights.

Breaking changes

As mentioned in our Beta 2 release, we needed to make a few more breaking changes in Beta 3. We’ve summarized them here and in our migration docs—be sure to read them!

Read the Migration page for further details.

More highlights

In addition to the breaking changes, we’ve addressed a few more general issues that may impact your project.

For more details on this release’s changes, take a look at the Beta 3 ship list issue, as well as the Beta 3 project. Be sure to join our official Slack room! and dive into our issue tracker with bug reports, questions, and specific feedback whenever possible.

Coming up

Stable v4.0.0 is our next release and we already have a GitHub project board to track issues and PRs. There will be no breaking changes from Beta 3 to stable, so our changelog should be short and sweet. Expect some linting, Sass variable improvements, updated docs Examples, and more build tool improvements.

With our next release, the master branch will once again become our default branch. We’ll merge v4-dev into master, meaning v3’s source code will only be in our v3-dev branch and past releases.

See you again real soon!

@mdo & team