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Bootstrap 4.1.3

Hot on the heels of v4.1.2, we’re shipping another patch release to address an issue with our browserslist config, fix some CSS bugs, make JavaScript plugins UMD ready, and improve form control rendering. Up next will be v4.2, our second minor release where we add some new features.

But first, here are the highlights for v4.1.3. Pay attention to the change to .form-controls which adds a new fixed height.

Checkout the full v4.1.3 ship list and GitHub project for the full details. Up next is v4.2, so stay tuned for some awesome new features like toasts, dismissible badges, negative margins (responsive grid gutters!), spinners, and more!

Head to the v4.1.x docs to see the latest in action. The full release has been published to npm and will soon appear on the Bootstrap CDN and Rubygems.

@mdo & team