Bootstrap Icons v1.4.1

@mdo March 29, 2021

Our latest Bootstrap Icons update has arrived to fix a few bugs and improve our build tooling. Keep reading for what’s new.

Key changes

Here are the highlights from this release:

  • Updated: PowerPoint icons now look more capitalized
  • Fixed: skip-forward and skip-backward icons are now properly named
  • Fixed: mic and record icons no longer appear filled
  • Fixed: Codepoints for icon font will no longer change between versions
  • Upgraded SVGO to v2.3.0, bringing some minor SVG optimizations to ~200 icons

The update to codepoints is the most important change in this release. It ensures the content property values for each icon doesn’t change. This gives our icon font more stability between versions, allowing for easier upgrades and maintenance.

Check out the release notes for more changes in v1.4.1.


To get started, install via npm:

npm i bootstrap-icons

You can also download the release from GitHub, or download just the SVGs and fonts (without the rest of the repository files).


For the Figma users out there, you can also snag the icons from Figma.