Bootstrap v4.6.2

@mdo July 19, 2022

After several months, we’ve finally shipped Bootstrap v4.6.2, one of our last releases for the v4. It’s a bit of a maintenance patch featuring bug fixes, dependency updates, and some docs updates.

Read on for the highlights or head to the v4.6.x docs to see the latest in action.

What’s changed

There are two big highlights in v4.6.2:

  • First, we’ve added an example to our Collapse plugin docs to show how to use horizontal collapsing. This has long been possible via our JS, but we never had an official class to utilize it.

  • Second, we’ve replaced the deprecated color-adjust with print-color-adjust in our Sass files as part of the Autoprefixer v10.4.6 issues. This should quiet the issues folks have seen from that dependency change. If you’re using our distribution CSS files, like bootstrap.min.css, you may still see the warning.

Beyond that, we’ve addressed a few other things:

  • Tweaked the size of small and .small to compute to a whole pixel value (was 12.8px and now is 14px).
  • Improved accessibility around our dropdowns, color contrast, and role attributes.
  • Fixed some broken links to supporting documentation.
  • Updated dependencies across the board.

Review the GitHub v4.6.2 release changelog for more details.

From here, we don’t expect to ship any meaningful updates to v4.6.x other than major security or dependency updates. Everything will focus on v5 and beyond after this release, starting with the stable release of v5.2.0. Bootstrap 4 will officially end of life January 1, 2023, though you’re obviously welcome to continue using it longer than that. Follow our release repo to stay in the loop on release maintenance status.

Support the team

Visit our Open Collective page or our team members’ GitHub profiles to help support the maintainers contributing to Bootstrap.