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Bootstrap 3.1.0 released

Today we’re stoked to ship Bootstrap v3.1. We’ve got a handful of new features, plenty of bug fixes and improvements, and updated build tools.

New docs

New Bootstrap docs

We’ve made tons of changes across the board, most notably to our documentation. Just like v2.1 brought a brand new design, v3.1 overhauls the docs to refocus on the actual documentation rather than the chrome around it. Our new homepage restores the quick run through of key features and showcases some awesome examples from the Expo.

Official Sass port

Bootstrap for Sass

The best part about v3.1 is that we’re shipping with an official Sass port. A few weeks ago we moved over the most popular port on GitHub and made it official—Bootstrap is now available in Sass. Rather than bloat the main project with support for Less and Sass—and all the documentation for both—we’ve kept them separate for the time being. Prominent links in the docs are included though, so enjoy!

New examples

New examples

We’ve added three new examples: Blog, Cover, and Dashboard. Each example provides a single page of awesomeness for you to quickly get started on a project built with Bootstrap. They’re responsive and ready to go.

Improved features

A handful of features that aren’t exactly new to Bootstrap have seen an update in v3.1:

All-in-all these make components more focused, more durable, and easier to work with. See the changelog included with the GitHub release for the complete list of new features.

Remote modal content

One of the more important improved features is for our modals. If you currently use the modal’s remote option, be aware this release may break your modals. Yes, this is a breaking change, but it’s first and foremost a bug fix that corrects a rather longstanding and overlooked error. Our apologies for any headaches it may cause, but it’s been missed in the last few patch releases.

See the #11933 pull request for details on the code changes.

New license

We’ve been talking about it for what seems like forever, but thanks to all our contributors and the core team, we’ve finally done it. As of v3.1, Bootstrap ships under the MIT license to allow as many people to utilize Bootstrap as possible. Thanks to all our contributors for helping make it happen.

Improved build tools

We’re constantly trying to improve our tools for developing Bootstrap and v3.1 brings a slew of updates to do just that.

Heads up! If you develop Bootstrap locally, be sure to nuke your node_modules/ directory and run npm install before getting started with v3.1.

Download Bootstrap

Get downloading now, or see the list below for more information on what’s new in this release. Download it from GitHub or snag it from the CDN:

Download Bootstrap 3.1.0

Or, hit the project repository or Sass repository.

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Full changelog

New features

While we originally wanted v3.1 to include RTL support, we decided to hold back on that for some potentially beneficial unreleased tooling. We’ll share more on that when we know more, but suffice to say it’s been bumped to v3.2.

CSS changes

JavaScript changes



Build system & packaging