Bootstrap Icons v1.7.0

@mdo November 01, 2021

Bootstrap Icons v1.7.0 is here with 120 new and updated icons, taking us over 1,500 total icons for the project! It’s the largest update since the initial release, so keep reading to see what’s new.

120 new icons

This update was a lot of fun for me—drawing all these tiny computer parts most of all! There are dozens of new computer-related icons for parts, ports, and peripheral devices. There are also several new brand icons, including Meta, and some other fun icons like a new robot head and a boombox.

New icons in v1.7.0

Looking for more new icons? Head to the issue tracker to check for open requests or submit a new one.


To get started, install or update via npm:

npm i bootstrap-icons

Or Composer:

composer require twbs/bootstrap-icons

You can also download the release from GitHub, or download just the SVGs and fonts (without the rest of the repository files).


The Figma file is now published to the Figma Community! It’s the same Bootstrap Icons Figma file you’ve seen from previous releases, just a little more accessible to those using the app.