Bootstrap 5.2.2

@mdo October 03, 2022

Bootstrap v5.2.2 has landed with new bug fixes and documentation updates—keep reading to see what’s changed!


  • Accordion
    • Use Sass variable for the accordion color instead of an invalid CSS variable
  • Buttons
    • Undo changes to .btn:hover from v5.2.1. We now explicitly target .btn-check styles instead.
  • Dropdowns
    • Temporarily restore ability for dropdowns to work without an explicit data attribute (will be removed again in v6)
  • Modals
    • Improve modal event listeners
    • Use <h1> for all .modal-title instances in our docs
  • Tables
    • Don’t redefine $border-color in table-variant() mixin
  • Tabs
    • Tabs no longer autofocus and cause pages to jump on
    • Fix .active class toggling of tabs within dropdowns
  • Toasts
    • Properly set toast z-index on .toast-container as opposed to individual .toasts that don’t receive any other positioning
  • Tooltips
    • Fix tooltip selectors with title attribute on dynamically created elements

Get the release

Head to for the latest. It’s also been pushed to npm:

npm i bootstrap@v5.2.2

Read the GitHub v5.2.2 changelog for a complete list of changes in this release.

Support the team

Visit our Open Collective page or our team members’ GitHub profiles to help support the maintainers contributing to Bootstrap.